246 | 11716 | DNAble Molecular Detection Kit for Salmonella

Product Description

Detects: Salmonella

Format: DNAble assay with fluorescence detection; 48 tests per kit

Matrix: Applicable to a wide variety of sample types, from grain and pellets to swabs and crude environmental samples

  • Choose Sample Set 1 for poultry environmental, fecal and cloacal swabs
  • Choose Sample Set 2 for dried pet food, on stainless steel surfaces and on poultry environmental swabs
  • Refer to white papers and Application Guides List for other matrices

Results in: Overnight enrichment, 15 minute test

Certifications & Approvals:
AOAC DNAble SalmonellaCertified as a Performance Tested MethodSM (#041404) by the AOAC Research Institute in the following AOAC categories: primary production samples, environmental samples for food or feed production, and pet food and animal feed.

Catalog Number: DF 026

Available accessories:

  • Salmonella Supplement – added to BPW to create the optimum culture medium
  • Salmonella Positive Control – optional
  • Sample Extraction Set 1
  • Sample Extraction Set 2
  • Sample Extraction Set 3

Additional Information