Breck Parker

Chief Scientific Officer

Favorite Quote:

“The difficult is what takes a little time; the impossible is what takes a little longer. “ – Fridtjof Nansen  

Dr. Breck Parker came to EnviroLogix in 2010, where he is expanding Immunoassay technology and developing systems for the diagnostic detection of DNA and RNA targets. Breck came to EnviroLogix with nearly 25 years of experience in biotechnology. Breck began his career as a Senior Scientist with Hybridon Diagnostics and focused on the development of novel molecular diagnostics for the detection of HIV, HCV, HPV and a variety of related infectious pathogens. He excels at finding the right pieces to the puzzle and building the right team for the right job. Other innovations that Breck and his teams have developed throughout his career include

  • Patented novel DNA probe-based diagnostics targeting the detection of viral and bacterial pathogens;
  • Patented EasiCollect™ buccal sample collection device widely used by the FBI, state crime labs, and many foreign forensics agencies;
  • new kits for real-time PCR, sample preparation, novel thermophilic DNA Polymerase discovery and applications;
  • nucleic acid blotting products and sample preparation developments for forensics and genomics;
  • sample collection matrices for global neonatal newborn screening diagnostic programs;
  • six different multiplexed micro-ELISA based quantitative protein kits called FAST Quant™;
  • the first Cancer Biomarker Protein Array chip that consisted of approximately 120 cancer biomarkers.

His distinguished education includes a BS in Biochemistry from University of Massachusetts (graduated cum laude) and a PhD in Molecular Pharmacology from the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. A former medic, Breck worked in some of the first Advanced Life Support ambulances in western MA while in college and originally planned on being a physician.   However, his graduate advisor convinced him that his talents and passion would be best utilized in a research environment, and Breck has never regretted that decision. “I love the quest for making the impossible possible,” Breck explains, “there’s always an answer. You’ve just got to find it.”  Post-graduation, Breck spent four years as an American Cancer Society Postdoctoral Fellow where he studied the biochemistry of DNA mismatch repair in eukaryotes.   He wanted to develop new anti-cancer drugs, but his research opened up other career pathways. Breck has authored numerous peer reviewed journal papers and co-authored a book chapter focused on chemiluminescent detection of NAB’s and microarrays. He has presented his work to the global scientific community through technical presentations, poster sessions and workshops.   Always seeking to create innovations that enable advances in technology, Breck holds many issued patents as well as a pipeline of new patent applications covering nucleic acid diagnostic and forensic applications. To date, Breck’s team at EnviroLogix has filed over 10 patent applications for the DNAble diagnostic technology platform.

Breck is a member of the American Academy for the Advancement of Science and the International Association for Food Protection. When he’s not enabling new innovations in the lab, you may find him with his wife watching the newest movie, sitting by the pool reading, riding the trails on the ATV, and mapping out ways to get more enjoyment out of the long, cold Maine winters.   He is an avid baseball and football fan at all levels, but especially of the Boston Red Sox and Patriots. Breck played the game as a boy and coached his kids during their years in Cal Ripken League (played in the 2000 World Series), Babe Ruth baseball and softball.