Terry Goddard

Vice President, Product Development

EnviroLogix is pleased to welcome Terry Goddard to the role of Vice President, Product Development. Terry has been with EnviroLogix for over eighteen years, demonstrating a proven track record of innovative product research and development. Prior to EnviroLogix, Terry worked at Beckman Coulter, where she developed their first million-dollar assay that detected allergies using a serum sample, instead of a skin prick test. She moved from R&D to start a Manufacturing Support department and then on to serve as Sr. Manager of Manufacturing.

A lifelong fascination with science led her to a bachelor’s degree in Biology and Chemistry from Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota; which has carried her through a results-driven, highly collaborative career in medical and agricultural diagnostics. Terry focuses on teamwork and constructive problem-solving to efficiently deliver timely results. Her love of brainstorming with other scientists to reach breakthrough solutions has helped keep EnviroLogix’ products at the forefront of our industry.

Terry spent 25 years living and working in Minnesota before making the decision to move to Maine. She met her husband here and considers Maine winters to be considerably more tolerable than those in Minnesota. She regularly bikes the Carriage Trails at Acadia National Park but has determined that the hills in this state are more frequent and steeper than the flat plains she grew up with. She supports the Dempsey Center in memory of loved ones she’s lost to cancer.