DNAble Molecular Detection of Roundup Hybridization System (MON87427) in Bulk Corn Seed




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This adventitious presence test kit is intended for seed quality determination by corn breeders and corn seed producers.

Detects: event MON87427.

Sample: crude extract of bulk corn seed, no DNA purification needed.

LOD (Limit of Detection): 1 positive seed in a pool of 200.

Results In: 15 minute assay.

Format: 8 well strips read on the AmpliFire™ portable reader.

Target Trade Names (principal brands): Roundup® Hybridization System (RHS).

Analyte Class: RHS selectively expresses CP4 EPSPS so that male reproductive organs do not express CP4 EPSPS. The only way to distinguish RHS positive seed from Roundup Ready® positive seed is through a molecular test.

Kit Components:

  • 2x RB1 Reaction Buffer Provided in green 8-well strip tubes (6 strips).
  • RHS (MON87427) Master Mix Lyophilized reagents provided in clear 8-well strip tubes (6 strips).
  • Flat Caps used for capping the clear tubes prior to assay start (6 strips).

Also required to run test (but not included):

  • Pipettes
  • Pipette tips
  • AmpliFire™ 8-well reader
  • DNAble® Extraction Set 10


Catalog Number: DF-312

Part Number: 12513

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