Poultry & Livestock Health

poultry livestock health

If you raise farm animals, you care about their health. You want to maximize the profitability of your operation while maintaining safe, healthy conditions. Caring for poultry and livestock health requires a range of solutions that maximize their potential and result in high-quality consumer products. Our technologies enable confident decisions, allowing you to take quick action to ensure the wellness of your flocks and herds.

Point-of-Need Poultry Solutions

Our DNAble® technology offers accurate, in-house testing. It detects the DNA of pathogens that can be devastating to a flock, and gives you the opportunity to remove diseased birds before the illness spreads. The DNA test is complete within minutes, and samples can be obtained by swabbing:

  • Trachea
  • Environment
  • Boot covers
  • Fecal matter
  • Cloaca

Herd Health

Horses and pigs can get infected with harmful Salmonella too, and DNAble helps you identify the disease with a rapid feces test. This progressive technology is just as easy to use on the back of a truck as it is in a lab, giving you flexibility in testing and confidence in the health of your animals.

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