Flex your Fumonisin Testing: Common Extraction

As you may already be aware, Fumonisin was found extensively in last year’s corn crop, rising from 43% in 2017 to 70% in 2018. Fumonisin is part of a still-rising prevalence of mycotoxins worldwide. If you are not testing for Fumonisin, there’s a good chance you should start soon, and an even greater chance you should be testing for more than one mycotoxin; among corn samples tested last year, 58% tested positive for more than one mycotoxin.

The good news is we have a robust Fumonisin detection test called Fumonisin Flex as a part of our Common Extraction panel. If you are already testing corn for DON or Aflatoxin, Fumonisin will be a simple addition. By using the common extraction protocol, you get three results in the time it used to take to get only one. Our Fumonisin assay can detect Fumonisin in Corn, Corn Flour, and DDGS between 0.2 to 7 ppm. The Fumonisin Common Extraction assay is an elegant, precise test that is going to deliver the results you need to manage your downstream risk.

Fumonisins are a class of mycotoxin produced by two species of mold, Fusarium moniliforme and Fusarium proliferatum. There are many health concerns for livestock especially in horses and swine, and it is regulated as a carcinogen by the FDA. The measurement of Fumonisin is a sum of the 3 subtypes, FB1, FB2, and FB3, in corn. As always, it is critically important to get a good sample of the corn you are testing. Follow the GIPSA Sampling Guidelines if you have any questions.

Once you’ve ordered your test kits from EnviroLogix, the easiest way to get up and running with Common Extraction is to watch our training video (below).

It outlines all the steps you need to get accurate results. The Common Extraction Fumonisin protocol is slightly different if you are already familiar with our Fumonisin Flex Assay. For additional equipment you will need:

Description Part Number Cat. Number
50 µl Minipet 11203 ACC-051
Pipette tips 10200 20-0102-100BG
200 µl Minipet 11206 ACC-067
Accumax Pro-Pipette 11964 ACC-1303-PRO-1
100-1000 µl Pipette tips 12243 20-0127
Common Extraction Accessory Set 12496 ACC-105

*Note: The kit is set up to run 25g samples. If you are required to run 50g samples, as a GIPSA facility, additional materials will be required.
It is always a good idea to call EnviroLogix Technical Service, (866) 408-4597 Option 2, well ahead of any testing you need to perform. We are always happy to address questions around protocol and work flow to make sure you are getting the results you need. Happy testing.


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