QuickComb for QuickScan Corn

QuickComb Kit for corn bulk grain


With one simple Common Extraction™ method, testers can simultaneously test for multiple genetic traits instead of preparing a separate extract for each trait. Simply grind the kernels, extract the sample using tap water, drop in a QuickComb, and read the results.

Detects: Roundup Ready, YieldGard Corn Borer, YieldGard Rootworm, Herculex I, Herculex RW, Agrisure RW, LibertyLink, Viptera, and/or SmartStax corn

Results in: 5 minutes

Format: Nine different lateral flow membrane strips (dipsticks) custom-assembled into comb format, sealed in foil pouches; also includes disposable sample cups and disposable transfer pipettes

Matrix: Corn grain

LOD (Limit of Detection): Varies by analyte, from 0.25% (1 kernel in a pool of 400) to 1% (1 kernel in a pool of 100).

Reagents: None required. Optimized for use with the Common Extraction method using only tap water

Target Trade Names (principal brands): SmartStax, Roundup Ready and YieldGard (registered trademarks of Monsanto Technology, LLC), LibertyLink (trademark of Bayer), Herculex (trademark of Dow AgroSciences LLC), Agrisure RW and Viptera (registered trademarks of Syngenta Group Companies)

Analyte class: Cry1A, Event 603 (CP4 EPSPS), Cry3Bb, Cry1F, T25-PAT/pat, Cry34, modified Cry3A (MIR604), Vip3A, or Cry2A proteins at levels typically expressed in genetically modified corn grain

Catalog Number: AS-036-TCK

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