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Note: Windows XP users will not be able to upgrade to QuickScan 5.0.2. Your testing will be unaffected, but you should have the last version, 4.11 with Update 5. Click here for specific XP instructions.


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Mycotoxin QuickGuides

(Aflatoxin, Fumonisin, Vomitoxin (DON), Ochratoxin,
Zearalenone, T-2/HT-2)

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- Grinding & Sampling

Mycotoxin Video Tutorials

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QuickScan I Scanner Drivers

Only needed when changing computers - QuickScan I only
There are 3 versions of scanner, 500, 500+ and 550+. All 500+ and 550+ models have stickers indicating its number; one on the outside box near the serial number, and one under the lid of the scanner
Note: 500 series scanner is NOT compatible with Windows 8 or Windows 10...if you have a 500 series scanner that you want to connect to a new computer, please contact Technical Support

  • plustek_500_scanner_labelIf you don't have a sticker, or if it looks like this, use Scanner Driver Plustek 500 - remember, this will not work on computers with Windows 8 or Windows 10