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  • Testing Technology

Our patented DNAble chemistry offers user-friendly isothermal DNA amplification assays that are:

  • Quick
  • Sensitive
  • Accurate

The first commercialized on-site GMO DNA detection method, DNAble is a simple, rapid nucleic acid amplification method similar to PCR. However, DNAble amplifies targets in a fraction of the time, with minimal equipment requirements in a non-laboratory setting.

Unlike PCR, DNAble shows little inhibitory effects from extraction samples. As a result, DNAble allows for highly specific detection, with sensitivity similar to PCR results but with minimal sample preparation.

How Does It Work?

DNAble chemistry uses a nicking enzyme and a strand displacing polymerase. These enzymes work together to achieve exponential DNA amplification and can be used for end-point quantitative results. Sequence-specific molecular beacon(s) are then employed to detect the amplified target and provide a second level of specificity.

DNAble's Many Benefits

  • Simple Protocol
    Basic steps with simple transfers
    No expertise needed
  • Quick sample prep
    No specialized equipment needed
    Fast sample processing
  • Rapid time to result
    Time to results is less than 20 minutes
  • Point-of-need capability
    Tests can be performed on a battery operated instrument in any setting
    Decisions can be made on-site, in real time

Rapid detection of tNOS in Arctic® Apples

Download this exciting research article covering EnviroLogix detection of the tNOS genetic sequence in an RNAi trait, Arctic® Apples using DNAble® technology.


AmpliFire™ Reader

AmpliFire is a portable point-of-need instrument. Optimized for isothermal chemistry, this reader has the capability to process eight DNAble samples simultaneously.  AmpliFire offers a touch screen interface, data storage and portability with a rechargeable battery.  Utilizing a product-specific QR code, DNAble test protocols are simple to input, which saves time and reduces protocol selection error.

DNAble Reader T16

Designed and manufactured by Axxin Pty. Ltd, the rugged and reliable T16 offers functionality for higher throughput applications.  Its high-level capabilities, when reading and recording test results, enable advanced analysis of data points.