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Many water supplies are vulnerable to contamination by natural toxins, chemicals, viruses, parasites and bacteria. These toxins may be present at low levels without harm to humans or animals, yet become serious public health risks under certain environmental conditions.

EnviroLogix offers two types of water quality testing kits, because everyone should have access to safe drinking water.


Microcystins are a form of "blue-green algae" or cyanobacteria that are toxic to humans and animals, and sometimes fatal, in high concentrations.

EnviroLogix' microcystin detection kits are specifically designed to detect these toxic cyanobacteria at or below the World Health Organization (WHO) drinking water guideline of 1 ppb (one part microcystin per billion parts of water). The plate kit range is 0.16 ppb to 2.5 ppb; the tube kit range is 0.5 ppb to 3 ppb. A simple modification in the procedure for the plate assay allows for the detection limit to be adjusted to the relevant range for most applications. The tube kit is a field ready test suitable for on-site water testing, yielding quick results with a simple protocol.


Imidacloprid is currently the most widely used insecticide in the world, and is rated as "moderately toxic" to mammals when ingested. Based on its high water solubility and persistence, both the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Pest Management Regulatory Agency in Canada consider imidacloprid likely to run off into surface water and to leach toxins into ground water. It should not be applied in areas where soils are permeable, particularly where the water table is shallow.

To ensure the absence of imidacloprid in drinking water, our test kit can detect levels of 0.07 ppb in under 2 hours.

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