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GMO Testing Made Fast and Easy

GMO Corn Testing

Meeting the requirements of customers in the global marketplace has challenged the grain industry to find new ways to efficiently detect GMO corn in exports. We have responded with a simple and fast method to enable grain handlers to implement the changing regulations impacting the export of GMO corn.

With one simple extraction method, testers can simultaneously test corn for multiple genetic traits instead of preparing a separate extract for each GMO. Simply grind the kernels, extract the sample using tap water, drop in a QuickComb™ and read the results.

QuickCombs are custom assembled to your requirements—multiple combinations of corn events—and single QuickStix™ strips are available when only one or two tests are required.

QuickCombs provide easily understood visual GMO corn testing with “yes/no” results within 2-5 minutes, or can be read with the QuickScan system for quantitative results.