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GMO strip test

GMO Test Strips by EnviroLogix

The GMO strip test is the simplest device used to identify the protein expressed by a GMO.

More accurately known as immunochromatographic GMO strip tests or lateral flow devices, these tests use antibodies to specifically bind and therefore detect the genetically engineered protein expressed by a genetically modified (GM) crop. To learn more about how strip tests work see our lateral flow testing technology page. The expressed protein can be detected in the GM plant’s leaf tissue, a single seed, or in a bulk grain capacity. EnviroLogix manufactures GMO strip tests (trademarked as QuickStix) for qualitative or quantitative detection of GMOs. Qualitative tests provide a yes or no answer (i.e., provide an absence or presence result), whereas quantitative tests use a reader to calculate the percent GMO of a bulk grain sample. The EnviroLogix GMO test strip reader is incorporated into the QuickScan System. Each quantitative strip has been validated against a standard curve, encoded as a barcode incorporated on each quantitative test strip. QuickScan reads and translates the barcode, measures the line intensities on the strip, and calculates the GMO percentage. For more information on the QuickScan and how it can quantitate both GMO content and mycotoxin content see our QuickScan page.

EnviroLogix offers a variety of configurations to meet various testing needs. For example, the TotalTrait Comb for Corn tests for up to 11 proteins expressed by various GM corn varieties, providing a comprehensive, rapid detection system for exclusion of GMO crops from a non-GMO value chain. EnviroLogix also produces test strips with multiplexing capability. A multiplexed GMO test strip means that more than one protein is uniquely identified on a single test strip. EnviroLogix has the ability to detect up to 5 different GM proteins on single test strip. Visit our catalog to peruse the various GMO test strips available for purchase.

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GMO Elisa Test

GMO ELISA Test Kits by EnviroLogix

A GMO ELISA (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay) test is a microtiter plate used to detect the protein expressed by a GM crop.

The most common microtiter plate used is the 96-well plate. Each well is capable of performing an assay (detecting GM protein). ELISA plates are popular with users that need a relatively high throughput testing solution. ELISA tests are generally more sensitive than strip tests because of the amplification system used to visualize the antibody binding event. See our testing technology page for information regarding ELISA tests.

EnviroLogix produces GMO ELISA test kits for detection of GMO protein in leaf tissue, single seed, or bulk grain samples. ELISA kits are available as qualitative or quantitative tests depending on the specific product. Some ELISA test kits are capable of duplexing. A duplex ELISA test can detect two different proteins in each well. Visit our catalog to peruse the various GMO ELISA test kits available for purchase.

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