Custom Work & Applications

Do you have testing needs that can't be filled by a ready-made solution?

Put our Custom Assay Development team to work for you.

The scientists and production specialists at EnviroLogix have designed custom work for some of the world's best-known corporations, working with them to understand and define their specific needs and delivering targeted solutions and specialized assays. EnviroLogix has developed technology expertise for both molecular and immunological based assay systems.

Furthermore, EnviroLogix has a robust material stewardship program in place that guarantees containment and devitalization of sensitive, restricted materials. We are committed to being creative, responsive, and cost-effective for all projects, large and small. Our custom experience includes the development of:

Molecular Detection

  • Proprietary DNAble and RNAble assays
  • High throughput or point of need assays
  • GMOs, pathogens

EnviroLogix has 25 years of experience developing and manufacturing assays used by agrobiotech researchers to characterize new biotech traits and to integrate elite traits into favorable varieties. Our custom assay development program also supports the development and manufacture of DNA and RNA detection assays.

We patented a next generation DNA amplification and detection technology known as DNAble, with results equivalent to PCR but without the need for DNA purification or thermal cycling. Consequently, DNAble provides superior testing value for point of need or high throughput genotyping applications. Point of need DNAble tests capable of differentiating generation 1 vs generation 2 traits have been developed and are used in the field for confinement testing. DNAble has been validated for use on high throughput equipment at very small reaction volumes (1.6 µL).  The combination of no DNA purification, no thermal cycling, and small reaction volumes results in a cost effective, high throughput testing workflow for seed QC purposes. EnviroLogix is now investing in zygosity testing assays to bring the value of DNAble to plant breeders. As more biotech traits utilize the iRNA mechanism, DNAble will see additional point of need use occasions that were historically performed using lateral flow test strips.

Immunoassay Protein Detection:

  • Antibody development program
  • ELISA plate kits, qualitative or quantitative formats
  • Lateral flow device strips and combs for Yes/No or quantitative GMO detection

EnviroLogix develops specific, sensitive antibodies for the manufacture of quantitative ELISAs for protein expression studies. Our quantitative ELISAs have been used to detect biotech protein in various sample types including single seed, cotyledon, leaf tissue, and root. Qualitative ELISAs are also developed and used later in the seed production process for trait confirmation (quality control) purposes. Dual analyte ELISAs have been developed and commercialized to increase the testing throughput of seed production QA laboratories.

Antibodies are also used to develop lateral flow assays (also known as test strips or dip sticks) for biotech protein detection in leaf, single seed, or bulk seed samples. Leaf and single seed tests provide qualitative results and are useful for greenhouse or head-row trait inclusion/exclusion confirmation in a breeding program or during seed lot scale up. Lateral flow assays are also an excellent device for adventitious presence (AP) detection using a bulk seed sample. AP testing using strips is a cost effective way to ensure the absence of undesirable traits in a seed lot and is essential for maintaining trait purity of breeder or foundation seed stocks. Quantitation of biotech protein using lateral flow devices is made possible using the QuickScan system.