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  • Mycotoxin Testing

Mycotoxin testing certifications prove that a test will effectively detect the presence of harmful mycotoxins in a specific crop—whether in the field, in storage, or during food processing.

Global organizations and federal agencies, such as FGIS-AMS and AOAC, have developed the best practices and regulations for how to detect and ultimately protect animals and consumers from harmful diseases. These organizations validate and certify the process and results of select mycotoxin tests manufactured by biotech research and development companies. The validation attests to the repeatable accuracy of results for specified grains and grain products.

GIPSA certification
USDA certification

Why are mycotoxin testing certifications important?

If mycotoxins are left undetected and then are consumed by humans or animals, they can have dramatic health consequences as extreme as cancer and death. Mycotoxin contamination also can cause severe financial consequences for growers and producers, as well as severe legal ramifications in terms of regulatory compliance.

Preventing the ingestion of contaminated grains through regular, approved testing proves more cost effective than treating sick animals and trying to eradicate grain contamination farther down the supply chain or in finished products.

The appropriate test certifications provide the tests’ users with mycotoxin risk assessment by mitigating the potential for inaccurate results and providing timely, reliable information at critical test points.

By using tests approved and certified by third-party organizations and government agencies, farmers, grain mills, grain suppliers and producers can gain confidence that their mycotoxin testing kits meet or exceed national and global regulatory standards.

AOAC certification

What is AOAC certification?

EnviroLogix diagnostic test kits are certified by two independent organizations. Founded in 1884, the Association of Agricultural Chemists (AOAC) is a global, third-party, not-for-profit association that develops standards for the methods of mycotoxin detection, which are classified as performance tested methods (PTM). EnviroLogix test kits are also certified by the U.S. Department of Agriculture Federal Grain Inspection Service (FGIS-AMS). FGIS-AMS oversees the inspection and process verification, including diagnostic assessment, of all crops grown and transported in the United States.

Who needs to be aware of mycotoxin testing certifications?

Anyone dealing with commodities, such as grain and corn, that are vulnerable to mycotoxin contamination and thus require mycotoxin risk assessment need to be aware of mycotoxin testing certifications. Feed buyers and suppliers, grain mills, farmers and animal producers must stay abreast of the latest standards and regulations. Using test kits with proper mycotoxin testing certifications is a key tool for remaining in compliance.

Consumers of farm products do have the right to request certification credentials from growers and they can take legal action in the form of private litigation if a grower is not certified. This can result in serious financial consequences if a grower is found to be uncertified and at fault for causing health or other issues from neglecting to administer mycotoxin testing.

Discover the EnviroLogix mycotoxin product line

EnviroLogix is committed to obtaining mycotoxin test certifications for the most problematic toxins.  Below is a table of our products and the certifications that have been issued to date.  New products are continually introduced and new certifications granted.  If you have any questions regarding our mycotoxin test kits don’t hesitate to contact our knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Catalog Number Target Mycotoxin USDA/FGIS-AMS Certification AOAC Certification
AQ-309-BG Aflatoxin Yes Yes
AQ-304-BG DON (Vomitoxin) Yes Yes
AQ-411-BG Fumonisin Yes
AQ-412-BG Zearalenone Yes