Mycotoxin Management Doesn’t End with Inbound

Inbound screening is just the beginning of a robust mycotoxin control program. EnviroLogix has spent over 25 years dedicated to building diagnostics designed to meet the unique needs of the grain industry from end to end. The TOTAL MYCOTOXIN SOLUTION includes rapid on-site screening, proficiency testing, and certified lab services, wrapped up in hardware, software, and support solutions to keep mycotoxins at bay and your operations in motion.

Bundled is better.

Strategically paired products create not only cost savings opportunities, but the ease and efficiency of shared technology and training, and one number to call for best-in-class tech support.
BRAND PROTECTION  FDA warnings can deal significant brand damage, but a multi-dimensional mycotoxin protection plan can keep you on top of outbreaks and audit-ready in the click of a button.
ONE-STOP SHOPPING Easy operator training with a testing system that shares the same reader, data management portal, and testing language across all EnviroLogix on-site diagnostics, including GMO and ingredient quality tests.
MAXIMIZED DATA MANAGEMENT Instant access to quality records for operational insights and audit compliance.
STREAMLINED SUPPORT Same-day solutions from our best-in-class tech support team and access to scientists and ag specialists on any product or technology.
Rapid LFD Mycotoxin Detection

Increase productivity and reduce errors with the fastest and most accurate mycotoxin results available. Our FGIS and AOAC certified strips and combs can test inbound materials for multiple mycotoxins simultaneously with a simple common protocol that takes under 8 minutes from prep to read. TotalTox mycotoxin testing kits are engineered to optimize labor productivity while offering an expanded detection range. It’s the total solution for precisely evaluating your grain’s mycotoxin contamination levels while keeping it moving at maximum speed.

Accredited Mycotoxin Lab Services

Confirm your inbound test results and meet finished material safety standards without having to ship on risk. EnviroLogix completes the mycotoxin diagnostics picture with the expansion of our gold-standard TotalTest Laboratory Services to include LC-MS/MS testing for mycotoxins. Our “Big 6” panel of all major mycotoxins and sub-types is ISO 17025 accredited by A2LA, and offers 4-day turnaround from our state-of-the-art lab in greater St Louis, Missouri.

Rapid LFD Mycotoxin Detection

Testing accuracy starts with the protocols, and the QuickCheck program helps ensure that your operators and equipment are up to speed before the grain even gets to your door. QuickCheck provides ISO 17034-produced reference samples and enables quality and operations managers to proactively address issues before they become problems. Easily monitor quality standards to increase efficiency, confirm reliability, and make better business decisions.

Online Data Management

The Total Mycotoxin Solution is brought together seamlessly in TotalHub, a cloud-based data management portal that simplifies record-keeping, audit-prep, and test quality insights across all EnviroLogix products and services. Bringing diagnostic results from on-site tests run on the QuickScan reader, TotalTest Labs, and QuickCheck together under one roof ensures you’re able to make the data-driven decisions you need to keep your mycotoxin program optimized, and that you’re not wasting time juggling information from disparate, unconnected services.


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For over 25 years, EnviroLogix has been proud to pioneer the GMO and mycotoxin testing that defines the nature of today’s agricultural supply chain. We continue that legacy today with the addition of allergen testing and certified lab services. Our products identify all commercial GMO traits, determine greater degrees of mycotoxin contamination, identify major allergens, and deliver results on the most advanced diagnostic readers available. Our passionate commitment to research and development continues to drive this generation of grain testing innovation, and the next. It’s the work that’s put us where we intend to stay…