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DNAble Crop Science Applications

Custom development projects for DNAble assays have been completed for the purpose of bringing new capabilities and testing occasions to major crop science companies. Custom projects have also been executed to replace inefficient PCR based methods with faster DNAble based methods. Since DNAble doesn’t require sophisticated sample preparation or laboratory instruments to perform molecular testing, crop science companies are now able to test for trait confinement at the point of need. For example, samples from the field can be tested on site instead of sending them to a lab for analysis. This new capability enables prompt decision making ensuring that stewarded traits are contained. DNAble methods have also displaced PCR based methods in the crop development and production supply chain due to productivity gains. Since DNAble works with a crude sample preparation, has very good sensitivity, and amplifies DNA at a constant temperature, the test results for DNAble samples are available before PCR sample preparation is completed. Below are some crop science applications where DNAble has been successfully utilized to give trait developers new capabilities or increase the productivity of seed development and production supply chains.


Field Surveillance

By using a portable reader, DNAble has been used in the field to determine the absence or presence of specific traits in leaf samples to ensure said traits aren’t present where they shouldn’t be.

Trait Confirmation

During trait introgression, plants can be sampled using DNAble to determine which progeny inherited the desired traits. Pre-screening progeny with DNAble reduces the number of plant samples that require DNA purification for molecular marker analysis resulting in time and cost savings. Furthermore, if the breeding facility is in a remote location, pre-screening samples with DNAble reduces the number of samples that need to be mailed to a testing laboratory for analysis.

Trait Purity

Seed lots can be screened with DNAble technology to detect value added GMO or native traits to report trait purity. The combination of crude sample preparation, isothermal amplification, and high throughput instrument compatibility makes DNAble one of the highest throughput testing solutions available to the seed industry. Furthermore, trait results for individual seed lots are generated in less than half an hour.

Adventitious Presence

DNAble is a very sensitive amplification chemistry and can reduce the number of bulks needed to test for a specific contamination level of specific traits. Due to the very short time to result, DNAble has been used to screen incoming seed for AP without disrupting facility operations.


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Detection of a GMO event in Soy Leaf

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AP Detection of a GMO Trait in Cottonseed
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