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Maintaining a testing program that keeps suppliers happy and auditors at bay without slowing you down can be a daily struggle in the grain industry. With our customers’ challenges always in mind, EnviroLogix developed TotalHub Data Management to provide on-demand insights and easy online access to QuickScan and TotalTest Lab Services data anytime, anywhere. Free and exclusive to EnviroLogix customers, this powerful cloud-based portal can revolutionize the way you manage your test results and reporting.
ACCESS ANYWHERE Online access lets quality managers, lab technicians, and operators alike to collectively manage results from a single, intuitive, cloud-based portal.
BUILT FOR ENTERPRISE Connect one QuickScan or 30. This powerful portal is compatible with all EnviroLogix products and services, tying all your QuickScan and TotalTest Lab results across all categories across your enterprise in one convenient place.
DASHBOARD ANALYTICS Easy-to-understand dashboard views show load acceptance and results trends in a glance.
AUDIT-READY REPORTING In just a few clicks, view aggregate QuickScan data from across your enterprise in flexible .csv files.
ALWAYS UP-TO DATE No more exporting to flash drives or updating spreadsheets, TotalHub connects seamlessly to QuickScan and TotalTest labs so that your results data is always current.
UNPARALLELED PRODUCT SUPPORT On-board tutorial videos and QuickGuides keep you on track, backed up by live support from EnviroLogix’s world-class customer service team.


The QuickScan dashboard gives you the total picture of your QuickScan results in a glance. This easy-to-understand visual interface lets you review load acceptance rates within seconds, and pinpoint ranges by location, supplier, time, and date with simple dropdown filters. Additional tabs allow you to review data trends for GMO, Mycotoxin, and Allergen tests, and view detailed Pass/ Fail information by testing location, supplier, sample ID, and concentration. Custom thresholds let you immediately spot when your results have gone off track.


From annual audit-readiness reporting to weekly internal status reviews, TotalHub lets you wave goodbye to paperwork with just a few simple clicks. Flexible .csv reporting makes it simple to view and manipulate your data in Excel, or upload it easily into other programs or databases. Select only the fields you need, with full control of the focus and level of detail shown in your reporting. You can even save frequently used reports as templates, and cut reporting setup time down to seconds.


Connected with both QuickScan and the TotalTest Labs, TotalHub Data Management allows you to easily view and compare inbound and outbound testing data in one convenient interface. Instead of wasting time shuffling between printouts and spreadsheets, you can now place new lab orders, track and review orders, view test results, and explore trends in historical testing data in a single mutli-function location.


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TotalHub Data Management is free and exclusive to EnviroLogix customers, whether you use our rapid on-site tests with QuickScan, our lab, or both. Contact your account manager or fill out the form on the right to request a live demo or start your onboarding process. EnviroLogix data experts are available to conduct training and answer security questions, to ensure your transition to TotalHub is simple and seamlesss.

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For over 25 years, EnviroLogix has been proud to pioneer the GMO and mycotoxin testing that defines the nature of today’s agricultural supply chain. We continue that legacy today with the addition of allergen testing and certified lab services. Our products identify all commercial GMO traits, determine greater degrees of mycotoxin contamination, identify major allergens, and deliver results on the most advanced diagnostic readers available. Our passionate commitment to research and development continues to drive this generation of grain testing innovation, and the next. It’s the work that’s put us where we intend to stay..