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What's the secret to anticipating needs in the marketplace before they’ve even emerged? Thinking. Lots of thinking by smart people who understand why you need to test and how to develop the most effective solutions for your specific needs.

Our technology is designed to provide precise results on site, eliminating the expense and delays of sending samples out for testing. While we constantly refine and improve our current testing solutions, our dedicated team of scientists and market experts remains vigilant to emerging concerns. EnviroLogix is committed to ongoing research and development, and it shows in our portfolio of progressive innovations and cutting-edge industry firsts. We are pleased to employ industry thought leaders, with a long record of new ideas that become long-term business successes. “Innovation” is not just a tagline or slogan, we back it up with results. Here is a small sampling of our innovations.

  • 2003
    QuickComb™ was the first grouping of Lateral Flow Devices (LFDs), allowing for detection of all available GMOs in one sample.
  • 2004
    Pioneered the industry’s first LFD strip for detecting mycotoxins in grain.
  • 2009
    Introduced QuickScan™, an optical reader that enabled quantification of GMOs and mycotoxins, using the first bar-coded LFD strips for easy interpretation, and proprietary software that pioneered data storage and analysis.
  • 2011
    As the first commercialized isothermal molecular detection test in the market, DNAble® was developed to offer fast, on-site DNA results without the need for a complicated lab setup. 
  • 2014
    An exclusive distribution agreement was signed with Douglas Scientific, pairing our DNAble chemistry with high throughput Array Tape®. This partnership introduced fully automated nucleic acid GMO testing at unprecedented speed, efficiency and cost savings.

Protein Detection

Trusted technology with fast, reliable results.

Our simple tests for detecting toxins and GMOs are:

  • Easy to use
  • Flexible
  • Precise

Immunoassay platforms allow for rapid, sensitive and economical screening of large numbers of samples.

The reagents and antibodies used in EnviroLogix test kits are produced on-site in our labs under rigorous quality standards, allowing us to develop and test new diagnostics quickly and efficiently.

Molecular Detection

EnviroLogix is pioneering technologies for advanced molecular detection.

Our proprietary DNAble® chemistry offers user-friendly isothermal DNA amplification assays that are:

  • Quick
  • Sensitive
  • Accurate

The first commercialized on-site DNA detection method, DNAble is a simple, rapid nucleic acid amplification method similar to PCR. However, DNAble amplifies targets in a fraction of the time, with minimal equipment requirements in a non-laboratory setting.

Unlike PCR, DNAble shows little inhibitory effects from crude extraction samples. As a result, DNAble allows for highly specific detection, with sensitivity similar to PCR results but with minimal sample preparation.

Custom Applications & Contract Manufacturing

Do you have testing needs that can't be met by a ready-made solution?  Put our Custom Assay Development team to work for you.

The scientists and production specialists at EnviroLogix have developed custom-designed assays for some of the world's best-known corporations, working with them to understand and define their specific needs and delivering targeted solutions. We are committed to being creative, responsive, and cost-effective for all projects, large and small. Our custom application experience includes development of:
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Molecular Detection:

  • Proprietary DNAble and RNAble assays for Yes/No or quantitative applications
  • GMOs, pathogens, infectious diseases
  • Custom primers, master mixes, antibodies and reagents

Immunoassay Protein Detection:

  • ELISA plate kits, qualitative or quantitative formats
  • Lateral flow device strips and combs for Yes/No or quantitative GMO detection
  • QuickTox lateral flow device strips for rapid mycotoxin testing