QuickStix Combo Strips for Cry1A & Cry2A & PAT/bar & CP4 EPSPS in cotton seed


Multianalyte cotton seed trait testing at its best. One strip will tell you which of four traits are present in when testing single cotton seeds in 48-well seed crushing plates.

Results in: 10 minutes or less

Matrix: Cotton seed tissue

LOD (Limit of Detection): Presence or absence of Cry1Ac, Cry2A, CP4 EPSPS, and PAT/bar proteins

Reagents: Extraction Buffer (provided)

Target Trade Names: LibertyLink® (trademark of Bayer), Bollgard®/Bollgard II, Roundup Ready® (trademarks of Monsanto)

Analyte class: Cry1Ac, Cry2A, CP4 EPSPS, and PAT/bar proteins at the levels typically expressed by genetically modified cotton seed tissue

Catalog Numbers: AS-067-ST, AS-067-STS, AS-067-STC

Part Numbers: 11675, 10395, 10354

AS-067-ST (single seed kit) Lateral flow membrane strips, 100 strips/kit, sealed in 2 desiccated reclosable plastic canisters; also includes 100 disposable tissue extractors (tube with punch cap)

AS-067-STS (single seed strips) Lateral flow membrane strips, 50 strips/canister, sealed in desiccated reclosable plastic canisters; no disposables

AS-067-STC (combs) Lateral flow membrane strips assembled into comb format, 6 combs of 8 strips each and packaged in resealable foil bags, for single seed processing in 48-well seed crushing plates

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