Bulk grain

QuickStix for PAT/pat in soy bulk grain


Detects: LibertyLink soybeans containing PAT/pat

Results In: 5 minutes

Format: BGB (full kit), Lateral flow membrane strips, 100 strips/kit, sealed in two desiccated, reclosable plastic tubes; includes all disposables needed to run the tests. BGBS (strips only) 50 strips/canister, no disposables.

Also Available: The LibertyLink strip for soybeans can also be assembled into a comb with our Roundup Ready strip as a QuickComb Kit for Bulk Soybeans. Test both analytes with one device, one sample prep.

Matrix: Bulk soybeans

LOD (Limit of Detection): 0.5% (1 in 200 LL27 single-event; higher expression of PAT/pat in newer stacked traits may drive the detection level as much as 10-fold lower. For more accurate quantitation of all PAT/pat-containing seed stacks, use TotalTrait AQ-076-TCK2367.)

Reagents: None required, water only (Soybean Common Extraction™).

Target Trade Names: LibertyLink® (a registered trademark of Bayer)

Please note: This test will NOT detect the protein PAT/bar – it is designed to differentiate between the PAT proteins, and will only detect the protein PAT/pat.

Catalog Numbers: AS-014-BGB, AS-014-BGBS

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LFD Strip

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bulk grain-full kit, bulk grain-strips only