Bulk grain

High Sensitivity Enogen Detection Test for corn bulk grain


Root cause analysis of  corn food production issues like non-forming dough, crumbly chips and soggy cereal have intensified the need to manage Enogen® contamination risk in food grade corn. TotalTarget for Enogen is magnitudes better than our prior low-sensitivity product (AS-070-BG), and is the only decision point test on the market able to detect the presence of Enogen at contamination level as low as 1 grain in 2500 (0.04%) . In addition, the test is designed to be simpler, safer, and works with QuickScan II for easy test data management.

Key Features

  • Increased Sensitivity – TotalTarget for Enogen is 6 times more sensitive than the existing low sensitivity test to enable detection of Enogen above 0.04% contamination.
  • Common Workflows – Workflows for TotalTarget Enogen and TotalTox™ Mycotoxin test kits have a common sample preparation. Operators can test for Enogen and mycotoxin contamination side-by-side in under 10 minutes.
  • Updated Extraction – Safer and easier extraction process that no longer requires Hydrochloric Acid (HCl)
  • Reader Enabled – No need to rely on visual test line results. Get an instant objective read with the QuickScan Reader.
  • Audit-Ready Data – Whether you download your data directly from the QuickScan or access it online through our new TotalHub data management system, record keeping and reporting are just a few clicks away.



With the new high sensitivity test, customers are able to meet their acceptance criteria with an on-site test that is fast and simple.

  • Dramatically reduce the risk of Enogen contamination of purchased food-grade corn, potentially averting hundreds of thousands of dollars in costs due to operational disruptions, product recalls, and inventory disposal.
  • Save significant time and effort with training and testing by implementing the common workflow for Enogen and Mycotoxin testing that utilizes the sampling protocols and testing steps that operators already know.
  • Easily analyze the test data on TotalHub for each supplier to take corrective actions in your supply chain

Test Specifications

Test Type –  Lateral Flow Device

Part Number- AQ-170-BG

Kit contents

  • 50 TotalTarget Strips packed in a moisture-resistant canister
  • 50 reaction tubes
  • 100 pipette tips (1-200 µL)
  • DB6 Buffer
  • Multi-Matrix Barcode Card

Note: EB17 Buffer sold with Aflatoxin test kits as the two products have common sample prep. If not being tested simultaneously, EB17 is sold separately

Matrices- Incoming Bulk Corn

Limit of Detection- 0.04% (1 grain in 2,500)

Results in- 10 minutes

Reader- Quickscan II

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bulk grain-full kit, bulk grain-strips only


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