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Onsite, Quantitative Peanut Allergen Test Result in just 6 minutes


EnviroLogix is proud to bring its long trusted GMO protein quantification technology to the world on allergen detection!  This first of its kind Quantitative LFD can be used to detect and quantify peanut protein from raw or processed sources . With its easy, uncomplicated test protocol and reader enabled quantification, obtain fast and accurate results in minutes, not hours.

Key Features

  • Quantitative result between 0.2-5.2 ppm peanut protein, in line with industry leading ELISA kits. Limit of detection at 0.2 ppm
  • Reader enabled test maintains all test record history on device and on TotalHub in the Cloud for easy test data management
  • 5-minute decision-point test validated for Wheat and other matrices for fast results

Test Specifications

Detects: Peanut protein

Results In: 6 min

Matrix: Corn, Corn Flour, Wheat, Wheat flour have been validated internally. Additional matrix validation upon request.

Limit of Detection: 0.2 ppm processed peanut protein

Reagents: All necessary reagents supplied with kit

Catalog Number: AT-Peanut

Kit Contents:

  • 10 Test Strips
  • Extraction  Buffers
  • 10 Reaction tubes
  • 20 Pipette tips (1-200uL)
  • Multi-Matrix Barcode Card- Kit Lot Specific

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Corn matrices, Oats

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