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QuickCheck – Wheat – DON


QuickCheck is the newest offering in EnviroLogix’ continued support of your quality programs. Receive blind-coded mycotoxin reference samples for operators to run—ensuring that operators are testing properly, to assist in training, and help your compliance efforts and audit readiness.

  • ISO 17034-Produced Samples – Use samples produced by an ISO 17034-compliant 3rd party to confirm that equipment, instruments, and operators are operating properly.
  • Immediate Feedback – Sample results are automatically uploaded into TotalHub for immediate feedback.
  • Compliance and Audit Readiness – Quality Managers have access to a dashboard for both operator and site data, result tracking, and data download.
  • Operator Efficacy – Gauge the effectiveness of training for new and current operators—gain an accurate picture of how well individuals adhere to proper testing techniques.
  • Powered by TotalHub – With access to TotalHub, log in from anywhere and at any time to monitor results.
  • Risk Mitigation – Proactively address issues before they become problems.

Available for Corn – Aflatoxin as well.

Detects: Deoxynivalenol residues

Analyte class: Mycotoxins

Format: A mix of twelve (12) blind-coded Vomitoxin (DON)-positive QuickCheck wheat reference samples, each with a unique Sample ID code.

Test Kit to Use: TotalTox™ DON (Cat. #AQ-304-BG) or TotalTox™ Comb (Cat. #AQ-440) (sold separately)

Matrix Group: Matrix Group 1: Wheat

Catalog Number: ACC-054-WD

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12 samples/kit