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TotalTox™ Zearalenone


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Detects: Zearalenone residues

Results In: 4 minutes for most matrices

Analyte class: Mycotoxins

Format: Lateral flow membrane strips (dipsticks), 50 strips/kit, sealed in a desiccated, reclosable plastic canister; also includes Dilution Buffer and reaction tubes

Matrix: Corn, wheat, wheat bran, DDGS, corn gluten meal, sorghum

Range of Quantification: Results with the QuickScan System are validated in both a Base Range and an Extended Range:

  • Corn: Base Range: 50-500 ppb; Extended: 250-2000 ppb
  • Wheat: Base Range: 50-1200 ppb
  • Wheat Bran: Base Range: 50-1000 ppb
  • DDGS: Base Range: 300-1200 ppb
  • Corn Gluten Meal: Base Range: 250-2000 ppb
  • Sorghum: Base Range: 50-1000 ppb

Reagents: Dilution Buffer (provided); EB17 (accessory, if not utilizing Common Extraction with Aflatoxin); EB18 (accessory, for DDGS extraction)

Certifications & Approvals:

Catalog Number: AQ-412-BG

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