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Ethanol Plants are increasingly focused on DDGS quality to maintain their bottom lines

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Mold Corn2018 was one in a continuing trend of years with more intense weather Effecting a heightened prevalence of mycotoxins in grain. In the U.S., as well as around the world, mycotoxin contamination of DDGS rose; and it wasn't just one mycotoxin in the mix, such as Fumonisin or Vomitoxin (DON), but co-occurence of multiple mycotoxins, at a rate of 58%, was reported1.

With the rigorous quality demands of an export market, most notably China as we head into 2019, and the frequency of co-occurence of mycotoxins found in DDGS, producers and sellers need to ensure their goods will pass inspection downstream in the supply chain.

EnviroLogix offers a Common Extraction protocol for incoming corn that supports detection of Aflatoxin, the most heavily regulated mycotoxin, as well as Fumonisin and Vomitoxin, for which the USDA suggests specific thresholds levels. In the time it takes to run one assay, an Ethanol plant can run all three tests. EnviroLogix assays are among the industry's fastest, helping test more DDGS faster.

Common Extraction in Action

Whether you are just looking for the fastest mycotoxin assays or you're interested in learning more about how the EnviroLogix Common Extraction protocol can save you time and money, drop us a line using the form at right, and we'll be in touch within the next 1-2 business days.


  1. Biomin Mycotoxin Survey in US Corn November Update, Nov 27 2018

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