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Grain handling and storage facilities must screen inbound grains to ensure product safety. However, testing takes time and costs money, and the last thing you want is a line of trucks waiting outside and slowing down the line. You want confidence in your test results so you can make a fair, objective decision when routing loads of grain.

Supplying Confidence from the Elevator to the Barge

Elevators have to rely on fast data to help them route incoming grain deliveries. The last thing you want is to compromise your storage facility, but you also want to be fair. Early detection of mycotoxins and GMOs helps you make an objective decision on whether to segregate or reject a delivery. When transporting grains, ensuring that your product meets regulations is vital. Whether you have a container of non-GMO soybeans bound overseas or a load of corn headed for the local feed mill, EnviroLogix can support your testing and documentation needs.

Our dependable solutions can detect:

  • Mycotoxins
  • Genetic modifications
  • Pathogens

Simple Tests with Reliable Results

With our extensive knowledge and experience in the grain industry, we assist customers every day with accessing and identifying the optimal solutions to manage risk, ensure a premium product, and deliver quality. Our technology helps your grain business to test with certainty.

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