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  • Mycotoxin Testing

Testing for mycotoxins is quick, easy and accurate when using EnviroLogix’ mycotoxin test strips.

EnviroLogix’ mycotoxin test kits are designed to provide precise results on-site, eliminating the cost and delay of sending grain samples out for testing. Quantitative mycotoxin test results are obtained using the EnviroLogix QuickScan system. QuickScan is a quantification and traceability system that combines digital imaging technology with advanced mathematical processing. Using a standard PC computer platform, QuickScan provides rapid, objective and quantitative results for a variety of GMO and mycotoxin test kits.

The next generation in mycotoxin testing technology is the new TotalTox product line. Using the QuickScan reader platform, TotalTox is the complete answer to all your mycotoxin testing needs. This comprehensive suite of tools for grain analysis and data archiving & retrieval includes the industry’s first and only mycotoxin comb. TotalTox is engineered to optimize labor productivity while offering an expanded detection range. It’s the total solution for precisely evaluating your grain’s toxicity levels while keeping it moving at maximum speed.