EnviroLogix Launches 10-Trait QuickComb for Corn Bulk Grain

The most comprehensive, quantitative decision-point screening diagnostic for GMO corn

EnviroLogix Launches 10-Trait QuickComb for Corn Bulk Grain

EnviroLogix Inc. offers the world’s most comprehensive, quantitative decision-point screening diagnostic for GMO corn testing with the introduction of the 10-trait QuickComb.

Portland, ME, January 29, 2019 – EnviroLogix Inc. launches the 10-trait QuickComb, now including Duracade™, for corn bulk grain quantitative testing in support of Non-GMO testing programs.

“With the introduction of the industry’s only 10-trait corn comb, EnviroLogix further demonstrates our commitment to customers needing the most comprehensive quantitative decision-point GMO diagnostics for use in the grain handling and processing, animal feed, and export industries,” said Bill Welch, President of EnviroLogix Inc.. “When used in conjunction with our QuickScan II instrument, customers experience the most advanced quantitative solution, along with a traceability system to support claims, using a single test with results in less than ten minutes.”

Duracade, a corn rootworm-resistant trait, has been fully deregulated by the USDA since 2013, and the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture granted import approval of corn grain and processing co-products for food and feed use in 2017. More recently, in May of 2018, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) issued a positive scientific opinion that will now proceed to the Standing Committee of representatives to complete the authorization process of final import approval for the European Union.

Welch continued, “Potential regulatory changes permitting the import of Duracade will increase the number of approved countries from fifteen to more than forty. As a result, the need to segregate corn bulk grain containing Duracade in addition to other commercialized GMO traits, for animal feed markets versus human consumption will increase significantly. The 10-trait QuickComb will facilitate grain segregation for importers and exporters to mitigate disruptions in the global supply chain.”

Along with Agrisure Duracade, the new 10-trait GMO comb from EnviroLogix also detects the following: Roundup Ready®; LibertyLink®; YieldGard® Corn Borer, Rootworm, and VT Pro®; Herculex® I and RW; and Agrisure® RW and Viptera® and various stacks of these traits. GMO traits serve crop growers by expressing proteins that allow the plant to better resist pests and herbicides. The addition of Duracade to the EnviroLogix 10-trait QuickComb enables the most comprehensive, critical decision-point GMO testing where EnviroLogix’ customers need it most.

EnviroLogix Inc. is a leading producer of GMO and mycotoxin tests serving the food and feed safety markets. The company continues to provide innovative solutions as the sole supplier of on-site quantitative GMO protein detection and were the first to offer LFD technology for mycotoxin screening in grain. EnviroLogix’ dedication to scientific innovation and providing exceptional solutions for today’s identity-preservation and food-safety supply chains remains at the forefront.

For more information about EnviroLogix Inc. and the quantitative GMO 10-trait corn bulk grain test, visit the QuickComb for QuickScan – Corn page.

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