2017 MOSES Conference – non GMO Testing

EnviroLogix attends the 2017 MOSES Conference for Organic Farming to support non GMO testing needs

2017 MOSES Conference – non GMO Testing

EnviroLogix, a global leader in the development and commercialization of GMO detection technology, is excited to showcase GMO testing products at the 2017 MOSES Conference for Organic Farming. To deliver a USDA certified organic, non-GMO project verified food product to the marketplace, the GMO status of high risk grain based ingredients must be confirmed. This process is known as identity preservation. EnviroLogix develops and manufactures test kits that allow various stakeholders to manage the identity preservation process by testing various types of seed or grain as it moves through the supply chain.

According to the Organic Trade Association, GMOs are prohibited from USDA certified organic products. This means that farmers can’t plant GMO seed, use any GMO containing ingredient in an organic food product, or even feed organic cows GMO alfalfa or corn. The USDA’s organic regulations require that farmers and processors prove that their product is GMO free if suspected of contamination. EnviroLogix has stepped up to help organic farmers prosper by developing and manufacturing accurate, rapid GMO testing kits.

EnviroLogix offers comprehensive GMO detection of bulk ground corn and bulk ground soybean samples. These GMO tests are marketed as QuickCombs for corn or soy. QuickCombs are point of need tests that provide quantitative results using the QuickScan reader. The QuickScan paired with a QuickComb is a great way to confirm the non GMO status of bulk corn or soy samples. Additionally, QuickCombs can be used to screen out the presence of GMOs in seed lots thereby reducing the risk that an organic grower is planting a GMO contaminated seed lot. For the organic cow or alfalfa producers out there EnviroLogix also offers a test kit for alfalfa hay and for alfalfa leaf and seed. To see these products first hand and to learn more about how EnviroLogix can help your non GMO testing efforts please visit booth #140 at the 2017 MOSES conference. Can’t wait to learn more about EnviroLogix’ products? Contact us today!

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