EnviroLogix Inc. Launches TotalTox™ Testing Kits – a Game Changing Solution for On-site Multiple Mycotoxin Testing

TotalTox(TM) MycoToxin Comb
A beta version of the comb is currently available worldwide. The final market version (pictured above) is expected to be available in Q4 of 2020

EnviroLogix Inc.’s 25-year history as a technology innovator for the global agricultural diagnostic markets continues with the introduction of TotalToxtesting kits – the next generation solution for rapid, on-site testing for multiple mycotoxins. EnviroLogix Inc., the first lateral flow strip provider for on-site mycotoxin testing, now brings the first and only multiple mycotoxin strip comb to market (patent pending). The TotalTox comb provides fast time to results by using a common extraction and sample dilution protocol. The individual test strips on the TotalTox comb are connected through a common backing, simplifying handling and speeding up testing. Furthermore, the entire TotalTox comb fits into the QuickScan system for simultaneous data capture and result reporting.

Portland, ME, August 12, 2020 – EnviroLogix Inc. commercialized TotalTox™ testing kits, the fastest and easiest to use on-site testing solution for mycotoxins in grain and grain co-products. TotalTox™ tests were developed to help buyers of grain (grain elevators, corn mills, feed mills, ethanol plants et al.) improve their mycotoxin risk management capabilities, while simultaneously increasing their mycotoxin testing operational efficiency. TotalTox™ mycotoxin tests for aflatoxin, DON (vomitoxin), fumonisin and zearalenone are currently available as single strip kits or in a comb format.

“Through our close partnerships with the world’s leading grain, feed, and grain processing companies, we heard and acted on the need for a better solution for testing multiple mycotoxins on-site”, said Bill Welch, EnviroLogix CEO. “TotalTox™ offers a combination of accuracy, speed, and protocol simplicity for testing multiple mycotoxins that is truly a breakthrough compared to market alternatives. Since the TotalTox™ tests for aflatoxin, DON, fumonisin, and zearalenone share the same protocol for corn testing, screening for multiple mycotoxins is quick and minimizes chances for operator error. By creating a single testing device (a comb) out of the individual strips, the benefit of a common and simple protocol is amplified, resulting in a faster time to result and a user-friendly experience. The tests are read on the QuickScan™ system all at once; results are captured in data logs and PDF reports providing source traceability.”

TotalTox™ tests enhance the benefits of the QuickScan™ system. By testing for multiple mycotoxins and utilizing the trend analysis functions unique to the QuickScan™ system, one can make data informed decisions on what toxins to test for based on regional risks and what suppliers to closely monitor based on historical delivery quality. “TotalTox™ tests on the QuickScan™ system is changing the paradigm of mycotoxin risk management from a traditionally reactionary program to a data-driven proactive program,” said Rob McPheeters, Vice President, Strategic Development. “Instead of waiting for lab results from composite samples or processed materials, mycotoxin contamination can be assessed on-site, truck by truck, at the start of harvest. Toxin trends can be charted by type and supplier using the data management capabilities of the QuickScan system. By assessing total mycotoxin quality upstream and early in the harvest, the testing plan for the remainder of the harvest can be optimized to reduce the cost of testing while lowering the risk of sourcing unsuitable corn.”

Not only do TotalTox™ kits deliver the fastest results using a common water-based extraction, but the kits also have certified performance. Unlike alternative solutions, the TotalTox™ kits are FGIS-AMS (formerly GIPSA) certified (the TotalTox™ zearalenone certification is pending).

But the innovation doesn’t stop here; additional mycotoxins will be added to the TotalTox™ product line and continued software enhancements will be made to the QuickScan™ system.

“The QuickScan™ system has the largest reading capacity available in the market,” said Will Silton, Vice President of Sales for the Americas. “It is also the most flexible, allowing our customer’s to read mycotoxin and GMO tests, in strip or comb format, all at once”.

EnviroLogix Inc. is a leading producer of mycotoxin and GMO tests serving the food and feed safety market. The company continues to provide innovative solutions to its markets and was the first to offer LFD technology for mycotoxin screening in grain. EnviroLogix’ commitment to scientific innovation and providing exceptional solutions for today’s identity-preservation and food-safety environments remains at the forefront with the commercialization of the TotalTox mycotoxin testing kits.

For more information about EnviroLogix Inc. and the TotalTox testing kits, view the Total Tox brochure An introduction to TotalTox.

CONTACT: Brian Harris, EnviroLogix Inc.,  bharris@envirologix.com

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