Introducing the Total Mycotoxin Solution

Unified tools to support every aspect of mycotoxin management from inbound screening to outbound verification

Introducing the Total Mycotoxin Solution

In our 25-year history of building rapid diagnostics for the grain industry, EnviroLogix has never stopped seeking the best-fit solutions for the changing needs of our customers. In 2023, we’re excited to introduce the next step in our mycotoxin management evolution. The Total Mycotoxin Solution is a suite of unified tools designed to support every aspect of mycotoxin management from inbound screening to outbound verification.

Mycotoxin management doesn’t stop with inbound testing. Our customers have told us that they trust our TotalTox mycotoxin tests, but for compliance, still need to demonstrate that the results they generated on-site are accurate using a third-party analytical method. To best service our customers’ total mycotoxin risk management needs, we understood that it was critical for us to build lab, data, proficiency, and support services just as dependable as our rapid tests.

Launched in 2020, TotalTox rapid mycotoxin detection kits brought the fastest and simplest on-site testing solution for mycotoxins to the grain and grain co-products market. This year, we’re excited to complete the mycotoxin diagnostics picture with the expansion of our gold-standard TotalTest laboratory services program to include LC-MS/MS testing for mycotoxins in wheat and corn. We now offer an ISO 17025 accredited “Big 6” panel of all major mycotoxins from our state-of-the-art lab in greater St. Louis, Missouri.

To further help our customers safeguard on-site testing accuracy, we have also expanded the QuickCheck program to include aflatoxin in corn in addition to DON in wheat. Utilizing ISO 17034-compliant reference samples, this check sample program empowers quality and operations managers to ensure that operators are running tests successfully, equipment is in working order, and digital training records exist for audit compliance.

These new and expanded mycotoxin-focused programs are brought together seamlessly in TotalHub, a cloud-based data management portal that improves record-keeping, audit-prep, and test quality insights across all EnviroLogix products and services. Bringing diagnostic results from on-site tests run on the QuickScan reader, TotalTest Labs, and QuickCheck together under one roof ensures our customers are getting the total picture of their mycotoxin management. Now they can easily and effectively manage and execute a mycotoxin control plan without wasting time juggling information from disparate, unconnected services.

The Total Mycotoxin Solution is the most comprehensive mycotoxin management program available on the market. That’s already a huge benefit for our customers, but there are even greater wins to be found with cost savings opportunities for bundled products, and the ease and efficiency of having one number to call for best-in-class tech support on any product issue.

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