Comorbidity of Mycotoxins in Grain

With planting well underway, harvest should be top of mind. Hopefully conditions lead to bumper crops of grain and product will be readily available to all desired markets. Making sure what you are delivering is of top quality is paramount to capturing every penny per bushel. One thing to consider is that more than one mycotoxin may be present in your product. More and more we are seeing the presence of with Vomitoxin or Aflatoxin with Fumonisin in the US.

Many producers are unaware these new threats exist for livestock; others mistakenly believe their location is not affected by toxin producing fungi. Unfortunatly reports of mycotoxins are finding them in areas where there has never been an issue previously, leaving producers to absorb docks at delivery. Ranges of concern for Fumonisin include >1 ppm for equine diets and >10 ppm for swine feed. As a point of reference, some of the corn analyzed in north-central Kansas showed Fumonisin concentrations >100ppm, with some as high as 700 ppm in 2018.

Seldom in our industry are surprises a good thing when product gets delivered.  The good news is EnviroLogix has a robust Fumonisin detection test as a part of our Common Extraction panel. If you are already testing corn for DON or Aflatoxin, Fumonisin is a simple addition. By using the common extraction protocol, you get three results in the time it used to take to get only one. Our Fumonisin assay can detect Fumonisin in Corn, Corn Flour, and DDGS between 0.2 to 7 ppm. The Fumonisin Common Extraction assay is an elegant, precise test that is going to deliver the results you need to manage your downstream risk.

Make sure your quality is buttoned up so you can maximize the benefit of your hard work.

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