Q3’18 Tech Tip from EnviroLogix Tech Support

Is managing your test inventory difficult and time consuming?

Q3’18 Tech Tip from EnviroLogix Tech Support

Take it from someone who’s spoken with countless people stuck in the following predicament: there’s nothing worse than having to get harvest in and running out of combs or strips. The truck lines get longer and longer. Every lost minute results in lost revenue. With QuickScan II, that horrible scenario can permanently become a thing of the past. The new QuickScan II quantitative GMO and mycotoxin detection instrument, launched by EnviroLogix last month, has an inventory management tool that tracks your current test inventory and will count each use as you process your inbound or outbound grain.

Once your inventory falls to a certain a level of tests, set by you to suit your needs, the QuickScan II will send an email to you (or to EnviroLogix) to make ordering that much easier for you. It will be one less thing to worry about during your busy season, letting you focus on everything else you have to get done.

Let’s take a look under the hood to see how this great feature works.

QuickScan II Inventory tab
The Inventory tab from the QuickScan II’s settings
  • Enter received inventory of QuickCombs, QuickStix, and QuickTox Strips into the Inventory Tab to activate the alerts to low inventory levels, set by you. Alerts are given when the number of strips or combs remaining is less than the Low-Level Warning number. Alerts are given as a pop-up dialog in the results screen and as an email to a designated email address.
  • From the Select A Test Kit: drop-down menu, select the test kit for inventory tracking, then click the Add button.
  • Enter the number of tubes, or canisters (for single-strip kits), or number of pouches (for combs) into column 1. The program will automatically convert number of tubes to strips (50 strips per canister) or convert number of pouches to combs (5 combs per pouch).
  • Enter the number of remaining strips or combs to activate a Low-Inventory warning.
  • Inventory can be adjusted manually at any time.
  • To activate the option email feature, enter an email address in the Notification box in the lower left corner and click the Save button. Please note: this requires an email program to be installed and set up on the QuickScan II. Contact your IT Department to set up an email account.

As you can see, this feature can be a game changer in your site management, giving you the freedom to focus on the other important aspects of your business.

If you have a QuickScan II and want help implementing this feature, call Technical Support at (866) 408-4597 ext. 2, or email us at techsupport@envirologix.com.

If you’re interested in ordering a QuickScan II, call (866) 408-4597, ext. 1, or email us at info@envirologix.com.

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