QuickCheck Enhances Quality Systems:

Does Your Quality System Convey Integrity?

It is extremely important to establish and monitor a Quality System in order to provide high-quality products and services to fully satisfy customer needs and expectations. A robust quality system paves the way to business success, assisting your company in achieving high-quality processes and people, and resulting in high-quality products. And it paves the way for improved profitability and operational efficiency, enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty, and ultimately, your reputation for integrity.

A Quality System is generally made up of Quality Control and Quality Assurance. Quality Control, logically, means you control the quality of your product. Quality Assurance is making sure that the quality control requirements are actually executed.

For example, a corn elevator tests incoming corn for mycotoxins to ensure it is suitable for its downstream use (QC).  They have implemented and trained their employees on Standard Operating Procedures to ensure that the mycotoxin test is done properly, that the results are traceable, and the proper workflows are followed (QA).

How QuickCheck and QuickScan Support Your Quality Systems

QuickCheck is a mycotoxin check sample program introduced by EnviroLogix in our continuing support of your quality programs. QuickCheck leverages all the inherent quality features of the QuickScan System for Quality Programs, Compliance and Audits, and Troubleshooting QuickScan’s quality reminders/enforcement and on-board data traceability further enhances a comprehensive quality program, as well as supporting programs like FSMA, Non-GMO Project Verified, and others.

Check samples are nothing new, and many companies already use commercially-available reference samples. They comprise a key component of a comprehensive quality program by:

  • Assessing if your equipment and operators are producing accurate results
  • Comparing to a single “true” data point
  • Giving confidence that results being generated remain accurate

But QuickCheck is more than just check samples.

Utilizing an on-line portal that can be accessed from anywhere at any time, the QuickCheck program delivers a unique and innovative experience for operators and managers alike.

  • Operators receive immediate feedback when entering results: within range or outside the range of acceptable results
  • Managers log in to view a customizable dashboard to review individual or compiled results. They can also set up alerts or flags for individual, compiled, and/or trending results.

It is this critical juncture where QuickCheck allows you to gain insight and control over variables that can dramatically affect testing accuracy…we have shown that equipment & protocol errors can cause 25% variability in results—or more (see graphic here).  The ability to proactively address issues before they become problems builds a strong foundation for a comprehensive quality plan.

Keep in mind these important points when building, improving, and enhancing your quality systems:

  • Be assured that you are buying and selling at the “right” price, solidifying your reputation with your suppliers and customers.
  • Be confident in the quality of materials entering your facility to instill confidence in the product coming out.

With so many variables affecting your finished product, proactively addressing issues before they become problems is a must.

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