QuickScan Approved for Non-GMO Program Monitoring

We are pleased to report that the EnviroLogix QuickScan System is an approved method for monitoring GMOs in corn, soy, alfalfa, and canola to satisfy the NSF True North Non-GMO Standard.

Click here for the official confirmation letter from NSF.

The QuickScan System is approved for testing commodities destined for human consumption and animal feed.

Users of the QuickScan System for non-GMO verification cite the system’s speed, simplicity, and real time results as distinct advantages over traditional PCR analysis.

About NSF International

NSF International’s Consumer Values Verified team offers a suite of GMO services, including Non-GMO Project verification and certification to NSF’s Non-GMO True North program. These programs cater to consumers who want to know if the food they are purchasing contains genetically modified organisms.  NSF helps businesses certify their products as non-GMO, and their partners include companies all along the food chain including producers, manufacturers, retailers and restaurants. To learn more about non-GMO certification services from NSF International, click here.


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