EnviroLogix Announces QuickScan II

The next generation instrument for quantitative GMO and mycotoxin testing

EnviroLogix Announces QuickScan II

EnviroLogix Inc.’s history as a technology innovator for the global agricultural diagnostic markets continues with the introduction of the next generation QuickScan II instrument for quantitative GMO and mycotoxin testing.

Portland, ME, July 9, 2018 – EnviroLogix Inc. launched QuickScan II, the next generation scanner for quantifying GMOs and mycotoxins (such as aflatoxin) for the grain, processing, and feed industries. The QuickScan platform was built for rapid detection of GMOs and mycotoxins in crops critical to the grain, distilling, ethanol processing, livestock feed, and pet food industries.

“With the introduction of the QuickScan II, EnviroLogix is delivering enhanced features and capability to our already best-in-class quantitative GMO and mycotoxin testing platform.” said Bill Welch, President of EnviroLogix Inc.. “Our partnership with the world’s leading seed, grain, animal feed, and pet food providers enables us to uniquely understand their increasing demand for improving operational efficiencies. The QuickScan II provides enhancements to meet these needs on a platform they already know and trust.”

QuickScan II extends the platform’s robust offering to improve operational efficiency. The instrument boasts expanded testing capabilities within a streamlined footprint; bringing exciting new functionality and an expanded test carrier that allows up to 22 tests to be scanned simultaneously, while requiring less space in the testing environment.

As data management needs evolve, QuickScan II enhances the platform’s capabilities for inventory tracking, quality measurement, and offering refined graphics and analytics for better decision making.

Across the markets EnviroLogix serves, the demand for stricter compliance is always rising. To aid in driving compliance, the QuickScan II expands the platform’s functionality, including user authentication, enhanced intelligence for flagging duplicate reads, and maintenance reminders and enforcement.

According to Jason Lee, Senior Business Unit Manager, “QuickScan II offers our customers benefits throughout their organization, making their jobs easier while facilitating improvements in efficiency and traceability; giving added confidence that they’re delivering on their quality standards.”

EnviroLogix Inc. is a leading producer of mycotoxin and GMO tests serving the food and feed safety market. The company continues to provide innovative solutions to its markets and was the first to offer LFD technology for mycotoxin screening in grain. EnviroLogix’s commitment to scientific innovation and providing exceptional solutions for today’s identity-preservation and food-safety environments remains at the forefront with the introduction of QuickScan II.

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