Soy Traits Review

The genetic modifications being applied to soybeans are coming fast and furious lately, following the path of its big-brother commodity corn. The commercial pipeline is stuffed full!

If you are confused (or curious) about the traits available in soy, we’ve created a handy chart illustrating some of the most popular and commercially successful GM soybeans. Here you’ll see a simplified version showing the proteins that confer various herbicide and insect resistance, as well as a couple that modify fatty acid profiles. If you click on the chart, you can see an extended version with more detail.

Traits Review Diagram
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As such, it is becoming increasingly difficult to source and segregate soybean loads with guesswork, conjecture, or a handshake. Although most producers are honest and up front about what they’re selling, and contracts go a long way toward insuring integrity, it only takes a few bad apples to wreak havoc in the supply chain.

At EnviroLogix we support your right to know the status and standing of your commodities and products, thus protecting their value, by providing test kits to confirm and/or rule out GMO at various steps in the supply chain.

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