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Rapid Point-of-Need Molecular Detection of Roundup Ready® 2 Positive Soybeans Using DNAble® Technology

  • An EnviroLogix DNAble assay for cp4 epsps was run in the field and challenged with genetically modified RR2 soybeans
  • The assay performed with 100% sensitivity to the Roundup Ready 2 Yield® trait at 0.5%
  • The assay performed with >99% accuracy for non-RR2 soy GMO traits
  • The assay is robust and easy to use. It produces results that correlate with PCR in under 30 minutes total time

DNAble is a simple, rapid isothermal nucleic acid (molecular) amplification method with results similar to PCR. However, unlike the more costly and time-consuming PCR, DNAble is highly effective testing crude sample extracts that can be prepared at point-of-need in under 10 minutes.

The DNAble Molecular Detection Kit for v2 cp4 epsps  (MON89788) from EnviroLogix detects a unique sequence present in MON89788 soybeans (Roundup Ready 2 Yield [RR2], Roundup Ready 2 Xtend®). The performance of this kit in ground soybean is described below with 3rd party validation data conducted by NSF International’s Applied Research Center (NSF).

Both internal and independent validation studies resulted in >99% accuracy from conventional ground soy and 100% sensitivity for 0.5% RR2 ground soy.

nsf white paper

In-House: Conventional and 0.5% RR2=40 independent samples, three assay kit lots, two operators

3rd Party: Conventional=18 sub-samples, three assay kit lots; 0.5% RR2=10 independently blended samples, 3 replicate sub-samples across three assay kit lots


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Tapley1, S. Johnson1, B. Schindler2, J. Miller2, A. Rice1, E. Whiston1, J. Welch1, and B. Parker1

1EnviroLogix Inc, Portland, ME                       2NSF International, Ann Arbor, MI

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