Why Send Out?

Comprehensive programs rely on the best of on-site and 3rd party analysis

EnviroLogix on-site strip tests for seed and grain provide rapid, quantitative results that drive real-time business decisions throughout the food production chain. However, many companies also send out to 3rd party laboratories for GMO testing in addition to the EnviroLogix GMO combs and strips they run on-site. Here are the two most common reasons we hear from customers about when a send-out test is needed:

  • Processed sample testing

    heat processingOur strip tests detect GMO proteins in grain and seed based on very specific molecular structures. These structures are modified during heat and chemical processing steps, which could impact their detection. This is why strip tests are not typically recommend for GMO testing of processed materials. In addition, samples ground too finely (such as flour) can also impact strip GMO quantitation. Testing conducted by 3rd party laboratories uses PCR methods that detect GMO DNA, which remains intact in most processed materials. Although customers can rely on QuickScan results to qualify incoming grain, confirmation testing via 3rd party PCR for finished goods is commonly performed to ensure that accidental co-mingling did not occur in plants that process both non-GMO and commodity grain.

  • Regulatory Requirements

    regulatory compliance iconBoth export and domestic certification programs (such as the Non-GMO Project), as well as grain some contracts, often require 3rd party PCR analysis. For these programs, tests conducted on-site are used for risk mitigation and may provide critical quality documentation that is supplemented by 3rd party test reports. For some regulatory programs, grain or finished goods sampling must also be conducted by a 3rd party prior to the send-out testing.

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