World GMO Cultivation

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World GMO Cultivation

Chart Showing World GMO Culivation by Domestic and Imported Percentages
Growing percentage of U.S.
organic commodities from import

Demand for organic soybeans and corn is outpacing domestic supply, causing an increase in imported organic commodities, and a subsequent requirement for heightened testing.

Did you know that U.S. grain imports are on the rise? The increasing consumer demand for organic and non-GMO foods has exposed a shortfall in the U.S. supply chain. Even as domestic acreage devoted to organic soybeans and corn is increasing, production remains well short of demand.

The complex risk/reward calculation, as well as the multi-year commitment, has made it tough on US farmers to commit to joining the market. An additional 1 to 5 million acres would need to be converted to meet demand. Added to that, a ready supply of these commodities on the world market from countries such as Turkey, India, Ukraine and Romania keep a damper on market premiums for these commodities.

Unfortunately, it has also led to less-than-honest business practices, if not outright fraud, within the international supply chain. The Washington Post recently identified several shipments of grain that showed conventional pricing at the point of purchase that were inexplicably identified as organic when they reached the U.S.—and proven to not conform to the organic standard.

The truth is, there is very little confirmation testing when organic and non-GMO shipments are received; the documentation provided is relied upon, endangering the integrity of all downstream usage. Imported grain gets shuttled in numerous ways through various transit points with little traceability.

Though you are familiar with what crops are grown in your area, as well as your domestic partners supplying grain, there are many ways that your supply chain can be infiltrated with commodities from unknown sources. Reliance on paperwork and handshakes can severely compromise your product as well as your reputation.

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