QuickScan Strip and Comb Reader - ACC 131 (ACC 141 in Brasil)

The Next-Generation
Quantification and Traceability System

is next-generation technology that enables grain customers to read GMO and mycotoxin test strips in one quantification and traceability system. Grain companies and food or feed processors can now obtain rapid and objective results for an entire EnviroLogix QuickComb, individual QuickStix strips, or QuickTox mycotoxin strips.

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QuickScan features include:
  • Speed – Read test strips, and record results, in seconds
  • Flexibility – Process single strips or multi-strip combs for GMOs or mycotoxins in one system
  • Precision – Per-lot quantitative standards are integrated into a unique barcode system, ensuring accurate, consistent measurement and eliminating the need for calibration
  • Traceability – Access and utilize test results instantly for archiving, emailing, printing or trend analysis

Using a standard PC platform, QuickScan combines digital imaging technology with advanced mathematical processing. The simple MS-Windows interface is familiar to users worldwide.

The QuickScan System easily integrates with existing computers, or customers may purchase QuickScan CS, a complete system which includes a slim, stylish touch-screen PC, pre-loaded with the QuickScan software and necessary drivers.

Please contact the QuickScan Team to experience our technology.

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