GMO Cotton

Testing Plant Tissue & Seed

Testing for multiple genetic traits on plant tissue and cottonseed is now easier and more cost effective! ELISA plate, QuickStix™ strip and ComboComb™ test kits are designed to test for 2, 3, 4, or even 5 genetic traits in one test.

The QualiPlate™ ELISA, designed for laboratory use on single leaf or seed samples, measures two separate analytes in the same sample well. Two different substrates are used and the results are read at different wavelengths. Incubation and sample preparation times are significantly reduced.

QuickStix strips, used for field leaf testing or in the lab for seed quality testing, have test lines for different traits. Testers only need to make one sample preparation, use one test strip, and get multiple results.

The ComboComb format makes bulk cottonseed quality testing even faster by having 8 test strips on one device. High throughput trait testing has never been easier!