When growing fruits and vegetables, you want to know that your horticulture crop is healthy and sustainable. In most cases, problems are easy to detect on your own, and the fix is straightforward. But in the case of a few pathogens, infection can be hard to detect and devastating if they take hold. DNAble® technology is perfectly suited for pathogen detection in the greenhouse or in the field, with simple sample preparations and fast time-to-results…rapid, portable, reliable molecular detection with all the accuracy and specificity of more expensive and time-consuming PCR.


Huanglongbing, often referred to as HLB or citrus greening, is threatening the continued success of the US citrus industry. In response to this challenge, EnviroLogix -- a world leader in innovative testing solutions -- has developed a rapid, on-site HLB detection method using our groundbreaking DNAble chemistry. This enables citrus growers and researchers to test on-site and at the point of need, getting answers fast.

This highly sensitive DNAble assay detects DNA for Liberibacter asiaticus in leaf petiole and captured citrus psyllids. Genetic material is extracted and amplified, leading to a 15 minute real-time reaction which allows for quick decision making about the containment, management, and prevention of HLB infections in citrus groves.


The disease Bacterial Canker is caused by the bacteria, Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis (Cmm), and is about the worst news that a tomato grower can receive. Because prevention is the only acceptable strategy for control of Cmm, it's important to confirm its presence from the earliest suspicion of its occurrence. The DNAble kit for detection of Cmm in tomato plant tissue allows the user to perform rapid DNA-based disease detection – in-house and on-site.

Revolutionizing molecular detection, DNAble was first to the market with isothermal nucleic acid detection. Our kits include all the components to run the test in one complete package. Only a DNAble Reader, such as the versatile and portable AmpliFire™, is needed for the DNA amplification reaction (available through EnviroLogix).

This means the Cmm DNAble Kit can be used on-site, whether in the field, in a greenhouse, or in a lab setting. The test is rapid and requires minimal training and sample preparation.

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