Custom Work & Applications


Do you have testing needs that can't be filled by a ready-made solution? Put our Custom Assay Development team to work for you.

The scientists and production specialists at EnviroLogix have designed custom work for some of the world's best-known corporations, working with them to understand and define their specific needs and delivering targeted solutions and specialized assays. We are committed to being creative, responsive, and cost-effective for all projects, large and small. Our custom application experience includes development of:

Molecular Detection:

  • Proprietary DNAble and RNAble assays for Yes/No or quantitative applications
  • GMOs, pathogens, infectious diseases
  • Custom primers, master mixes, antibodies and reagents

Immunoassay Protein Detection:

  • ELISA plate kits, qualitative or quantitative formats
  • Lateral flow device strips and combs for Yes/No or quantitative GMO detection
  • QuickTox lateral flow device strips for rapid mycotoxin testing

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