Common Extraction

for EnviroLogix QuickTox Flex mycotoxin tests

Common Extraction with EnviroLogix QuickTox

Want to improve your workflow when testing for multiple mycotoxins?


Saving time when testing corn for mycotoxins is more important than ever. And simpler is always better, right? We've combined all the benefits of our Flex mycotoxin tests with a simple testing protocol featuring common extraction and common run time.

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See Corn Common Extraction in Action

Aflatoxin Red

Improve your operational efficiency with common extraction and common run time

For corn and masa producers looking to gain turnaround time, QuickTox Flex mycotoxin kits and QuickScan offer a simple and fast mycotoxin test protocol that maximizes the number of results generated from a single sample.


Corn Common Extraction
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Masa Common Extraction
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Common water-based extraction means you can prepare up to three tests using the same sample extract


Common four-minute run time lets you run three tests at the same time, meaning more throughput for your facility


Read, report and record results for multiple tests with one click

Four simple steps -- increase throughput and test with confidence!

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