• Rapid, On-Site Molecular GMO Detection with Results Comparable to PCR

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  DNAble PCR
Specificity Single nucleotide difference Single nucleotide difference
Amplification Continuous Isothermal
Thermal Cycling
Input Type RNA, DNA RNA, DNA
Sample Crude preparation <10 minutes Purified DNA 30 min
Time to Result <20 minutes <1.5 hours

What is DNAble?

DNAble is a simple, rapid nucleic acid amplification method with results similar to PCR.

However, unlike PCR, DNAble is highly effective with crude sample extracts. As a result, DNAble amplifies and detects specific target sequences in laboratory and non-laboratory settings with fewer equipment requirements and at a fraction of the time and cost of PCR.

Benefits of DNAble

  • No DNA purification needed
    • Save time and money on consumables
  • Scalable
    • Point of need testing
    • High throughput capable
  • Five times faster than PCR
  • Equivalent results as end point PCR
    • Accuracy
    • Sensitivity
    • Specificity

To learn more about DNAble see our technology page.

Rapid on-site detection of GM traits

Point-of-Need DNAble Test Kits

EnviroLogix has developed many DNAble-based GMO tests for rapid, on-site detection of GM traits.

Point-of-need DNAble molecular detection is made possible using a portable reader. The reader is optimized to run and read DNAble reactions and can process 8 to 16 samples simultaneously. Obtaining accurate, on-site results is as simple as obtaining a sample (e.g., a leaf punch), extracting the DNA, mixing reagents, and reading. Point-of-need DNAble test kits have been used to verify GM trait confinement in planted fields and to test processed soybeans on site for GMO contamination. DNAble provides superior value when compared to sending samples out for GMO PCR analysis -- obtain actionable results immediately and save money!

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high throughput DNAble testing

High Throughput DNAble Capability

EnviroLogix has applied its DNAble chemistry on LGC’s IntelliQube platform to achieve rapid, automated, high-throughput GM trait testing of seed lots.

The IntelliQube is a fully automated, medium- to high-throughput molecular testing platform with a very compact footprint. The IntelliQube integrates source plate replication, DNAble reagent dispensing, tip washing, array sealing, amplification, detection, and data management. DNAble paired with IntelliQube delivers superior value compared to other high-throughput PCR-based testing platforms. Interested in learning how DNAble can help your lab achieve highly economic throughput? Interested in testing for other GM traits? Please contact us and we will work together to determine if high-throughput DNAble will deliver uncommon value to your workflow.

DNAble Chemistry Benefits:

  • No DNA purification needed (reduced consumable costs)
  • <10 min per array
  • PCR equivalent results
  • 0.8 μL reagents per assay

IntelliQube Platform Benefits:

  • Walk-away operation
  • Increased efficiency of lab personnel
  • Reduced reaction volume
  • Increased throughput
  • Reduced consumable costs

Combined System Benefits:

  • 2,375 assays per hour
  • 594 seeds tested per hour (4 traits or replicates per seed)
  • Cost savings from miniaturized reaction volumes
  • Cost savings from reduced consumables (less tips and no DNA purification needed)