Grain Milling

grain milling

Managing risk in a grain mill can be a tall task with many moving parts. With FSMA regulations in the pipeline, screening inbound commodities has become a priority. But you want to be confident in the results so you can make fair, objective decisions and produce a quality product.

Ensuring Safety and Quality

Testing for pathogens and mycotoxins costs you time and money, but it is necessary to ensure grain safety. In addition, some customers are now paying a premium for food and feed without genetically modified (GMO) ingredients. Doing a screen for GMOs ensures that you can direct deliveries to the right place in your facility quickly and efficiently.

Innovative Technology. Fast, Reliable Results.

EnviroLogix has years of expertise and experience serving customers in a wide variety of milling operations. We offer a range of technologies, and our staff will craft a customized solution for your specific testing needs. With our help, you can achieve operational excellence.

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