DON Flex Receives GIPSA Approval

EnviroLogix Inc. is pleased to announce that its newest mycotoxin kit, DON Flex (Cat. No. AQ-304-BG), has received a Certificate of Conformance from the USDA/GIPSA Rapid Test Kit Evaluation Program.

Overall, the Flex line of mycotoxin testing products will offer wider ranges of results at the levels most important to our customers.  The ability of Flex kits to deliver accurate results in often adverse environmental conditions ensures assay consistency and reliability in today’s global grain markets.  And by utilizing the classic and powerful QuickScan System, Flex will ensure continued delivery of accurate test results with all the traceability and computing power customers have come to rely on.

According to Susan Whipkey, Product Manager, “DON Flex was developed specifically to conform to GIPSA’s newest certification criteria, leveraging all the advantages of EnviroLogix’ Flex platform.  It offers simple sample prep and the ability to fine-tune quantification for a wide array of matrices, offering exquisite accuracy and precision with a two minute test time.”

EnviroLogix was the first company to offer LFD technology for mycotoxin screening in grain.  Our focus on innovation and providing solutions in today’s identity-preservation and food-safety environments continues with the introduction of the Flex platform.

Alex Miller, Vice President, added, “In addition to our technology, we are committed to leading the industry in technical support for our partners, helping to resolve issues and address concerns of those involved in grain, feed, milling, and pet food.”

He continued, “The QuickScan System has proven to be the industry’s most versatile solution for grain handling needs.  The development of the Flex line of mycotoxin tests is just another example of EnviroLogix’ commitment to providing our customers simple, reliable and cost-effective solutions to their everyday challenges.”



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