Quantify Mycotoxins and GMOs with One Traceability System

QuickScan is a highly flexible and precise strip-reading system that enables grain customers to read GMO and mycotoxin test strips in one quantification and traceability system. It provides objective, fast and quantifiable results for mycotoxin and GMO test kits from EnviroLogix.

Grain companies and food or feed processors can now obtain rapid and objective results for an entire EnviroLogix QuickComb, individual QuickStix strips, or QuickTox mycotoxin strips. Benefits include:

  • Speed - Read rapid test strips, and record results, in seconds
  • Flexibility - Process single strips, up to four different mycotoxin strips, or an entire GMO multi-trait "comb"
  • Precision - Image processing and a unique barcoding system ensure accurate, consistent results, without the need for recalibration
  • Traceability - Access electronic results instantly for emailing, printing or analysis

QuickScan Software Information and Links

Note: Windows XP users will not be able to upgrade to QuickScan 5.0.2. Your testing will be unaffected, but you should have the last version, 4.11 with Update 3. Visit the XP Update page, or for more information, contact Technical Support at techsupport@envirologix.com.

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In non-GMO / IP environments running QuickScan, the QuickTox strips can be processed simultaneously with the industry-leading QuickComb for GMOs. Alternatively, up to four mycotoxin strips can be read at the same time, in seconds.