Introducing GIPSA-approved Aflatoxin Flex

EnviroLogix Inc. is pleased to announce that its newest mycotoxin kit, Aflatoxin Flex (Cat. No. AQ-309-BG), has received a Certificate of Conformance (2017-095) from the USDA/GIPSA Rapid Test Kit Evaluation Program.

The Flex Advantage

EnviroLogix’ Flex line of mycotoxin testing products offers wider ranges of results at the levels most important to our customers.  Delivering accurate results in often adverse environmental conditions ensures assay consistency and reliability in today’s global grain markets.  And utilizing the classic and powerful QuickScan System, the Flex line leverages all the traceability and computing power that our customers have come to rely on.

“Aflatoxin Flex was designed to not only meet the newest GIPSA certification criteria, but as a commitment to supporting our customers’ needs. The Flex system removes concerns about adverse environmental conditions, such as high heat or humidity, that are known to negatively impact the performance of many tests,” according to Susan Whipkey, Product Manager.

Alex Miller, Vice President, added, “Not only was EnviroLogix the first company to offer LFD technology for mycotoxin screening in grain, but the QuickScan System has proven to be the industry’s most trusted solution for grain handling needs. The development of the Flex line is the latest example of our commitment to our customers. We want them to have simple, reliable, high-performing solutions for their everyday challenges.”


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